Monday, August 1, 2016

While doing operations through automated teller machine, why the debit card/credit card gets ejected first?

Automated teller machines came into force in India some fifteen years back only. Taking into consideration, the various difficulties faced by the customers, nowadays, the automated teller machines have better provisions than in earlier days.
Earlier, you have to insert your card into the machine and key in the details and once all your transactions are completed, you have to opt for “No further transactions” in the machine. Now the card will come out from the machine.
Many users once they get the cash will simply leave the machine not bothered about the transaction slip or the debit card.
Moreover, many times, the debit card will not come out of the machine on account of technical errors.
Now, the swipe system is followed. You have to insert the card and take back the card with you. The software keeps in memory the details available from the card.Now you do all transactions and finally you are getting out of the room saying - No further transactions.
Your card is safe with you.

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