Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How the debit cards can be fraudulantly used?

01. You are having your debit card. Knowingly or unknowingly you had noted down the PIN number on the back side of the card in the white portion for easy remembrance. Now you had lost the card while on transit. Somebody takes the card and he goes to the nearest ATM and withdraws the maximum amount permitted for the day using the PIN number mentioned in the card. In this situation, immediately you have to contact the toll free number available in your bank automated teller machine and lodge a complaint and they will immediately black list the card. For the amount paid by the machine, you have to file separate FIR with the Police explaining the details about the loss of card.
02. You are going to get petrol for your vehicle and you are providing the debit card for payment of money. Apart from the handheld machine, without your knowledge, the delivery boy inserts the debit card in another machine which is a pin reader. Now the pin reader captures all details from the card and a duplicate debit card is prepared and the amount is withdrawn from the machine. In this case, you have nothing to do; however, on finding out the loss of money, you have to report to toll free number or your branch to blacklist the card.
The debit card and credit card users have certain responsibilities in protecting their cards and keeping secret the details about PIN number. This apart, the customer should not allow any other person to use his debit card and he should ensure that the debit card is utilised in his physical presence only 

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