Monday, August 1, 2016

What should I do in order to rent my roadside plot for the use of any bank?

Banks do not require plots. They require concrete buildings available in the ground floor subject to certain specifications for housing the bank branches and automated teller machines.
However, in case, the banks require parking place for keeping their own cars or two wheelers or the vehicles seized from the defaulter borrowers, they may be in need of your plot
However, if your plot is situated in the main road and is suitable for housing a bank branch, you can approach the bank and offer your plot for construction of a building exclusively for the bank branch.
You can avail a commercial loan from the bank for construction of the building as per requirements of the bank at the ground floor and the remaining floors can be kept for your use or for letting out to others. The bank branch will function in the ground floor and you the monthly rent will be adjusted towards the monthly instalments payable by you to the bank for the loan availed from the bank for construction of the building.
For this purpose, you have to enter into an agreement and normally the period of lease will be a long term only say - twenty years and more

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