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01.  The broad sectors of Indian economy are:
a)    Primary sector; b) secondary sector; c) tertiary sector; d) all the above; e) none of the above

02.  In India the financial year ends with
a)    March; b) December; c) June; d) September; e) none of the above

03.  All banking companies have to submit their annual balance sheets as on:
a)    31st March; b) 31st December; c) 30th June; c) 30th September

04.  What are the main characterstics of Indian economy:
a)    Agrarian economy; b) Mixed economy; c) Developing economy; d) all the above; e) none of the above

05.  Gross national product is symbolically represented by the formula: GNP = C + G+ I+(X-M) + (R-P) where, “G” represents
a)    Net exports; b) net imports; c) investment expenditure; d) net factor income abroad; e) government expenditure

06.  The features of a developing economy are:
a)    Low per capita income; b) low capital per head; c) low human development indicators; d) heavy population pressure; e) all the above
07.  National income can be measured by the following methods;
a)    Product method; b) Income method; c) consumption method; d) all the above; e) none of the above

08.  The ex office chairman of the planning commission in India is
a)    Prime minister; b) President of India; c) Finance Secretary; d) RBI governor; e) none of the above

09.  The headquarters of Canara Bank, one among the nationalized banks is situated at:
a)    Chennai; b) Mangalore; c) Bangalore; d) Mumbai; e) Manipal

10.  Find the odd man out from the following:
a)    Indian Bank – Indian Overseas Bank – Canara Bank
b)    Indian Overseas Bank – Canara Bank – Bank of India
c)     Canara Bank – Bank of India – Central Bank of India
d)    Bank of India – Central Bank of India – Bank of Maharashtra
e)    Central Bank of India – Bank of Maharashtra – Federal Bank

11.  The first chairman of Planning commission was
a)    Jawaharlal Nehru; b) Lal Bahadur Sastri; c) Gulsari Lal Nanda; d) Indira Gandhi; e) Rajiv Gandhi

12.  The allocation of resources in terms of men, material and machinery is called as:
a)    Planning by inducement; b) physical planning; c) indicative planning; d) imperative planning; e) rolling plan

13.  What do you know by the term called as “PURA”?
a)    Providing urban amenities in rural areas; b) Providing urban arrangement in rural areas; c) Providing unlimited amenities in rural areas; d) Providing unlimited arrangements in rural areas; e) none of the above

14.  Narrow banking means:
a)    The bank branch which has narrow corridors; b) the bank situated in narrow street; c) the bank which accepts deposits and invests the amount in government securities; d) the bank which only lends loans and not accepts any deposits from the public; e) all the above

15.  What do you know by “P” in the term called as LPG?
a)    Privatisation; b) Popularisation; c) Provisions; d) Publications; e) none of the above

16.  The document titled as: “Towards faster and more inclusive growth” pertains to which five year plan amongst the following:
a)    Twelfth plan; b) eleventh plan; c) tenth plan; d) nineth plan; e) eighth plan

17.  What do you know by MTA when it comes to five year plans?
a)    Mid term approach; b) Middle term approach; c) Main term approach; d) Middle term approach; e) none of the above

18.  The causes of urban poverty are:
a)    Migration from rural areas; b) Lack of skilled labour; c) Lack of housing facilities; d) Limited job opportunities in cities

19.  The main provisions of MGNREGA are:
a)    Employment to be given within 15 days of application for work
b)    Employment within 5 kilometres radius, else extra wages to be paid
c)     At least one third beneficiaries have to be women
d)    Gram sabha will recommend works
e)    All the above

20.  Egg/poultry production is represented by ;
a)    Round revolution; b) silver revolution; c) yellow revolution; d) golden revolution; e) white revolution

21.  Round revolution represents
a)    Meant and tomato production; b) potato production; c) cotton production; d) egg/poultry production; e) none of the above

22.  Commission for agricultural costs and prices called as CACP was set up during 1965 with the name:
a)    Agricultural price commission; b) Agriculture product commission; c) Agriculture price committee; d) Agriculture Procedure commission; e) none of the above

23.  Which is the odd man out from the following when it comes to Maharatnas in the country?
a)    Oil and Natural Gas corporation; b) Steel authority of India Limited; c)  Indian oil corporation Limited; d) National thermal power corporation Limited; e) Bharat electronics Limited

24.  When it comes to Navratnas in the country, which amongst the following is the odd man out?
a)    National aluminum company Limited; b) National Mineral development corporation; c) Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited; d) Oil India Limited; e) Coal India Limited

25.  Among the following which is not relevant to banking?
a)    Right of set off; b) Nomination; c) Legal heirs; d) endowment; e) either or survivor

26.  The main foreign exchange reserves in the country comprises of the following:
a)    Foreign currency assets; b) Gold stock; c) special drawing rights; d) Reserve tranche position; e) all the above

27.  What are the salient features of certificate of deposits?
a)    It is issued by the commercial banks; b) it is a savings certificate; c) the maturity varies from 3 months to one year; d) all the above; e) none of the above

28.  MIBOR represents
a)    The interest rate at which bank borrows fund from other banks; b) the interest rate at which bank borrows from RBI; c) the interest rate at which RBI borrows from commercial banks; d) the rate at which banks borrow from the public; e) the rate at which the banks in India borrows from foreign banks

29.  What do you mean by CRISIL?
a)    Credit rating information services of India Limited; b) Credit rating Intelligence services of India Limited; c) Credit rating Indicative services of India Limited; d) Credit rating integrated services of India Limited; e) none of the above

30.  Sensex is the barometer of Indian capital market – BSE representing the weighted stock market index of _____well established and financial sound companies listed on Bombay Stock exchange
a)    Fifty; b) forty; c) thirty; d) twenty; e) one hundred




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