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01.  Which term among the following is not related to banking?
a)    Right off set off; b) Right to lien; c) Sub standard assets; d) endowment plan; e) credit risk

02.  Which among the following is short term borrowings for any firm?
a)    Debentures; b) shares; c) long term loans availed from banks; d) subordinated borrowings; e) sundry creditors

03.  Raman brothers- a partnership company engaged in selling textile goods is able to pay Rs. 10 lakhs out of the total purchase of Rs. 30 lakhs and the wholesale dealer enters into credit terms with the firm so that Raman brothers can settle the dues within 60 days and how it is represented in the balance sheet of the firm?
a)    Sundry debtors; b) term loan; c) sundry creditors; d) debt funds; e) none of the above

04.  What do you mean by the rate of discount at which the Reserve Bank of India discounts the first class bills of exchange brought by the banks in the country?
a)    Repo rate; b) bank rate; c) reverse repo rate; d) cash reserve ratio; e) none of the above

05.  The stock exchange pertaining to BSE is sensex and NSE is nifty and in the case of Tokyo in Japan
a)    Simix; b) Nikkei; c) Mibtel; d) Bovasta; e) none of the above

06.  Which is not correctly matched in respect of the following?
a)    Immovable properties – mortgage; b) movable properties – hypothecation; c) safe deposit locker – lease; d) safe custody receipt – plege; e) loan against insurance policy – assignment

07.  The loans granted to the following are treated as priority sector advances except one – find the odd man out:
a)    Small scale industries; b) professional and self employed persons; c) differential rate of interest scheme; d) corporate; e) small business enterprises

08.  When it comes to security precautions as provided in the currency notes issued by RBI in our country, which among the following are considered to be the odd man out?
a)    Security thread; b) intoglia printing; c) optically variable ink; d) currency value; e) microletterings

09.  When it comes to electronic banking which among the following are not coming under the purview of electronic banking?
a)    Debit cards; b) credit cards; c) mobile banking; d) safe deposit locker; e) internet banking

10.  Bank of America situated at New York is opening an account with State Bank of India at Kolkatta and what do you mean this?
a)    Nostro account; b) Vostro account; c) Loro account; d) RFC account; e) FCNR account

11.  The returned non resident Indians are permitted to open the following accounts:
a)    Non resident external account; b) Non resident ordinary account; c) RFC account; d) FCNR account; e) none of the above

12.  Find the odd man out from the following when it comes to low risk clients as per KYC guidelines:
a)    Regulatory and statutory bodies; b) government owned companies; c) salaried customers; d) pardanashin women; e) salaried customers

13.  Find the odd man out from the following:
a)    Oriental Insurance company Limited; b) Life Insurance Corporation of India; c) National Insurance company Limited; d) New India assurance company Limited; e) United Insurance company Limited

14.  Find the odd man out from the following:
a)    Max New York life insurance company limited; b) HDFC life insurance company limited; c)( ICICI prudential life insurance company Limited; d) Life insurance corporation of India; e) Kotak Mahindra life insurance company Limited

15.  When it comes to specific principles of insurance which among the following is odd man out?
a)    Utmost good faith; b) insurable interest; c) indemnity; d) balanced funds; e) subrogation

16.  What do you mean by RIDF?
a)    Rural India development fund; b) Rural Infrastructure development fund; c) Rural Innovative development fund; d) Rural Industrial development fund; e) none of the above

17.  Which among the following is not correctly matched?
a)    Equity shares – dividend; b) preference shares – interest; c) debentures – interest; d) bonds – interest; e) non cumulative preference shares – dividend

18.  In the term called as UNSCR, what do you mean by “S”?
a)    Secondary; b) security; c) sensitivity; d) seniority; e) selectivity

19.  When it comes to bullion, which among the following is odd man out?
a)    Gold; b) palladium; c) platinum; d) silver; e) diamond

20.  Importer exporter code is issued by which among the following?
a)    Reserve Bank of India; b) Director general of foreign trade; c) Insurance regulatory and development authority; d) securities and exchange board of India; e) Finance ministry

21.  When it comes to service industry, which among the following group is odd man out?
a)    Education – hotel – transport; b) hotel industry – transport – milk supply; c) banking – insurance – hospital; d) motorcycle manufacturing industry – railways – airways; e) motorcycles rental – security – share broking

22.  When an exporter before shipment of goods avails a loan for procurement of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, storing and shipping of goods, it represents:
a)    Export finance; b) import finance; c) packing credit; d) term loan; e) cash credit

23.  Purchasing the securities at one market and selling the same securities at another market simultaneously is termed as:
a)    Arbitrage; b) forfaiting; c) spread; d) factoring; e) advancing

24.  Find the odd man out when it comes to sanctioning of loans to a customer?
a)    Borrowing; b) lending; c) advancing; d) procuring; e) extending credit

25.  Which of the following banks is limited to agriculture and rural finance?
a)    SIDBI; b) Reserve Bank of India; c) IFCI; d) EXIM bank; e) NABARD

26.  Which among the following do not pertain to current assets of any firm?
a)    Cash balance; b) bank balance; c) stock of goods; d) land and buildings; e) sundry debtors

27.  Post offices in India are having deposit and investment schemes like commercial banks in India and out of the following such schemes, which is the odd man out?
a)    Kisan credit card; b) Kisan vikas patra; c) National savings certificate; d) Indira vikas patras; e) all the above

28.  What do you mean by the term – ALM in banking parlance?
a)    Asset liability maintenance; b) asset liability management; c) asset liability manpower; d) asset liability maturity; e) asset liability modernization

29.  During the recent times, you had come across the following news headlines –“ FIPB clears Jet-Ethiad deal with riders” and what do you mean by FIPB?
a)    Foreign Industries promotion board; b) Foreign Investment Promotion board; c) Foreign Investment promotion bureau; d) Federal Investment promotion board; e) Federal Industries promotion board

30.  “Measures to stabilize rupee must not hit growth – Rajan” – Hours after the RBI said that stabilizing the battered rupee is its priority – Raghuram Rajam said the RBI’s action in this regard must not hurt growth too much – these are the news you had come across in newspapers during recent times – Raghuram Rajan functions as:
a)    RBI deputy governor; b) RBI chief secretary; c) Chief economic adviser to finance ministry; d) Secretary to commerce ministry; d) none of the above



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