Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Recently I had been to a friend's house. While we were talking about various business matters, I found  his wife handling some old shirts of my friend and his son.
She was removing the buttons from the shirts and keeping  them in a small container.
I enquired her reasons for the same.
She replied: “We used to donate the old shirts to deprived persons residing in various orphanage homes. However, we use the buttons as and when we require them while replacing the old buttons in the shirts which are in use at present.”
At the first instance, I was astonished to find her action in paying much attention to even small things.
However, I was shocked to imagine the fate of the old shirts without buttons donated to the poor people. Without buttons, how the shirts can be used by any person.
Unless and otherwise a product which is in usable condition is donated to a person, the activity is like  mere disposal of old goods out of the house.
I made my friend and his wife understand the concept. They realized immediately and from that day onwards, they started donating the  shirts which were in usable condition to others.

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