Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Help the needy

One of our close relatives aged more than 70 years was suffering from diabetes. He used to get fainted often and at any moment. One day while he was on his way to a shop, he fainted and fell near the shop and was on the platform for more than ten minutes. Even though it was a busy street and many people were using the area for their regular shopping, no body paid any attention to him. The watching onlookers were moving from the scene without coming forward for extending any help to the man.
A little school going girl aged around twelve years went nearer to him, took the water bottle from her bag and sprayed the water on his face. The elderly person came to consciousness, got up from the platform,  appreciated the efforts put forth  by the little girl and thanked her.
Nowadays, we are moving very fast and nobody can deny that people are having very less time and rarely  they can take care of others.
However life is precious for everybody – for young and old. Under certain circumstances, whatever may be the pressing circumstances, by sparing some time to save a person will not harm anybody.

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