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What are some important questions for bank promotions?

 When Ombudsman’s award is accepted by the customer, the bank is to implement the award within : 30 days.
 Corporate Debt Restructure system is not applicable for : Single lender accounts
 Real Time Gross settlement system takes care of which risk : Systemic risk and settlement risk
 Loan assets are classified by the banks on the basis of : By status of security
 Under SARFAESI Act 2002 the banks give notice for payment of due amount to the borrower / owner of charged assets within _____ days, otherwise action will be initiated u/s 13(2) of the Act : 60 days
 The minimum & maximum period of certificate of deposit is : 7 days, 12 months
 Banks print cheque books having similar particulars. The format of cheque is prescribed by which Act : It is a practice
 Which crossing takes away the feature of assumption of defective free title available to the transferee : Not negotiable
 Bearer uncrossed cheque can be paid to whom : To the bearer
 The increasing foreign exchange reserves in India are costly because : Funds are idle and there is fluctuation risk
 Who is appointed to tackle public complaints against the public authorities : Ombudsman
 What is NOSTRO: A bank’s account abroad with another bank
 On, other than a negotiable instrument, what is the time period for payment of stamp duty, if the document is executed outside India : 3 months
 Within priority sector, a retail trader other than in essential commodities can be allowed an advance up to : Rs.20 lac
 FCNR (B) deposit can be accepted by banks in ____ currencies :5
 May I help you counter is to be provided by bank branches other than : Small branches
 Interest subvention on SME exporters is available to the extent of : 2%
 A firm is allowed a limit of Rs.1.40 lac at 30% margin. It wants to avail the limit fully. How much will be the value of security : Rs.2 lac
 Statutory Liquidity Ratio provisions for banks are as per Section _____ of _____ : 24, Banking Regulation Act 1949
 What is the maximum loan that can be allowed to a dealer in cattle feed / poultry feed, within priority sector : Rs.40 lac
 An NRI can open a joint account with a resident in case of ___ accounts : Non-resident Ordinary. and NRE with some limited powers to the resident account holder
 What type of charge is applicable on loan against term deposits in a bank : Assignment
 RBI keeps on changing repo / reverse repo rate / CRR with the objective of : Regulation of liquidity to control inflation
 Garnishee Order is not applicable on : Un-used cash credit or overdraft limit
 What is the periodicity for submission of R-Returns to RBI : Fortnightly
 The facility of nomination is not available to Trust account because it is _____ account : Non-individual
 Banks are required to make provision on standard assets at the rate of 0.25% on ____ & ____ accounts : Direct agriculture and SME.
 A person wants to open an account which his wife should be able to operate only after his death. What type of account he should open : Former or survivor
 In B region, the reply to letters in Hindi is to be given to the extent of ____ % : 100%
 Within priority sector target of 40% of ANBC or CEOBE, whichever is higher, the sub-target for weaker section is : 25%
 A loan to an NBFC for on-lending to individual farmer or SHG or joint liability group is classified as: Indirect finance to agriculture
 In case of a jointly operated joint account, the nominee can obtain payment, when : none of the account holder is alive
 Call money deposit is part of the ___ sector : Organised sector
 The long term liability to tangible net worth ratio implies : Long term solvency of the firm or capacity of the firm to pay long term debt.
 Current ratio implies : Capacity of the firm to pay current liabilities.
 Working capital requirement of a firm is required to be met through : Short term sources and surplus of long term sources over long term uses
 What was increased by RBI to the extent of 0.5% in the first quarterly review of annual policy in July 2007 : CRR
 Star series notes relate to : Defective notes
 The target for DRI advances is : 1% of previous year’s outstanding loans
 Who cannot become a partner as per Supreme Court judgement : HUF
 What is the maximum period for which an account classified as sub-standard can remain: 12 months
 A company wants to electronically pay the dividend to large no. of its shareholders, which include small amounts also : Electronic Clearing Services – Credit (ECS-Credit)
 The terms used for hiding money to avoid tax is : Money laundering
 A cheque is written in different hand-writings and different inks : It will be paid
 Opening of non-resident accounts by _____ has been allowed by RBI : RRBs
 Bailment of goods by a person to another person, to secure a loan is called : Pledge
 When mortgage is created by a person by deposit of title deed orally, it is called ____ mortgage : Equitable
 Which crossing is not a general crossing: When name of bank is written within or without parallel lines.
 Buy now and pay later is the facility available under: Credit card
 A financial statement that provides information regarding where the funds have come and where these have been used, is called: Funds flow statement
 Who can open NRE account: NRI
 The minimum capital adequacy ratio implemented in India, by RBI is ____ % and as per Basel II recommendations it is ___ %: 9%, 8%
 A mandate holder for a current account has died and a cheque signed by him is presented for payment after his death: The cheque shall be paid, if not dated subsequent to date of death or prior to the date of mandate.
 The true owner of a cheque has been deprived his right by collection of the cheque for a different person. This is called: Conversion
 A bank branch receives a counterfeit note of Rs.1000, which customer wants back. What the bank should do : To be impounded and not to be returned in any circumstances.
 Banks provide term loans and deferred payment guarantee to finance capital assets like plant and machinery. What is the difference between these two : Outlay of funds.
 Islamic banking has the features of : Conservative banking
 Which among the Muslims, Christians, Budhists & Jains is not a minority community : Jain
 When rate of interest is expressed by adjusting the impact of inflation, this is called _____ : Real rate of Interest
 For the purpose of creation of equitable mortgage, the place for deposit of the title deed is notified by : State Govt.
 A prudent investor makes investment in shares on the basis of : Price-earning ratio
 When the rates are rising, the growing economy : Gains
 Banks can ask for deposit of advance rent for a period up to : 3 years
 For FCNR (B) deposits, the exchange risk is born by : Bank, accepting such deposit.

 As per RBI/Govt. guidelines, pensioners can open account jointly with: with spouse, to be operated as either or survivor.
 Amount of maximum loan given to micro and small enterprises are covered under CGFTMSE scheme : Rs.50 lac
 Housing loan is part of the priority sector advance, with a maximum amount of : Rs.20 lac.
 The R-returns are submitted by the banks to RBI on : Fortnightly basis
 Apiculture relates to : Bee-keeping
 A cheque written in different inks and handwriting is presented, for payment : it will be paid if otherwise in order
 Which of the following forms will be used for allowing exemption to a depositor aged 61 years : Form 15 G
 An enterprise will be treated as medium enterprise providing services, if the investment in ____ is above Rs.2 cr and up to Rs. _____: equipment, 5 cr.
 For acquiring securities charged to the bank under SARFAESI Act, a notice of ___ days is required to be sent to the owner of the securities: 60 days
 The drawer of a cheque wants that the endorsee should not get a defect free title when he receives an endorsed cheque. What type of crossing would be required : Not-negotiatiable crossing.
 The crossing on a cheque is required to be cancelled. Who can do so: Drawer
 A cheque signed by an agent is presented for payment, after his death. What will the paying bank do : Cheque will be paid in normal course if it is not dated subsequent to date of his death.
 A bank can sell its NPA account to another bank, if the NPA is held by the seller bank with it for ____ month as NPA : 24
 Unutilised overdraft limit of a borrower is available and a garnishee order is received : Order is not applicable
 In educational loan no collateral security or 3rd party guarantee will be obtained, if the amount of loan is maximum up to: Rs.4 lac.
 NRE term deposit can be accepted by banks for a period of : 1 to 3 years.
 A loan associated with a short duration crop, becomes sub-standard after remaining special mention account for a period of : two crop seasons
 IUnder liberalized remittance scheme what is the maximum amount that can be remitted by a resident person abroad for unspecified person: $ 2 lac in a financial year.
 If an SSI units holds a margin of Rs.25 lac and its projected sales are Rs.400 lac, its working capital limit will be : Rs.75 lac (margin being more, the limit will be lower by that amount).
 Weaker persons of the society available deposit and loan services from banks, which is called : Financial inclusion
 Customer day is observed by banks on ____ th of the month : 15
 Minimum no. of days for which term deposit can be made by banks : 7 days
 For select exporters, the maximum interest subvention allowed to banks is ___ % but the rate of interest to be charged from exporters should be minimum ___ % : 4%, 7%
 A retail trader in other than essential goods is financed by the bank. What is the maximum amount of such loan that can be classified under priority sector : Rs.20 lac.
 What type of bench mark is used for lending in banks : MCLR
 A dealer is engaged in sale/distribution of inputs used in agriculture allied activities such a poultry feed / cattlefeed. What is the maximum amount of loan given to them, can be classified under priority sector : Rs.40 lac.
 Appeal against the award given by the Ombudsman can be made by the bank within _____ days of date of ____: 30 days, receipt of acceptance from the customer.
 The format of cheque is prescribed in which Act : It is only a practice.
 If a fraud takes place in a bank branch. Report is sent to the controlling office on form : FMR 1
 The amount in a cheque is written differently in words and figures and amount written in words is higher of the two : Amount written in words will be paid.
 While paying a bearer cheque, signatures are obtained on the back side of the cheque. Why ? : As evidence of payment
 Bank note which is misprinted by RBI is replaced by issuing a ________ note : Star series
 In CDR category-1, what type of loan accounts are eligible : Standard & sub-standard.
 Sales / debtor ratio is called _____ ratio. It indicates ____ : Debtor-turnover, efficiency of collection of debtors.
 Current ratio indicates : Capacity of a firm to meet its current liabilities.
 Conversion means : unauthorized intervention in the property of another person
 As per Official language policy for B region, branch target to reply in Hindi letter received in Hindi is : 100%
 Provision for standard accounts in direct agriculture and SME accounts is to be made at : 0.25%
 Risk weight for bill purchased under LC, for capital adequacy purposes is : 20%
 What is the right of nominee in case of term deposit that has not matured : To obtain premature payment and not raise loan against the security of such term deposit
 Preshipment credit is available in which type of letter of credit : Red clause
 The quarterly financial results of companies and banks are to be declared / published under directions provided by : SEBI
 RBI injects liquidity through : Repo
 Collateral security in case of PMRY advances is exempt up to : Loan of Rs.5 lac in case of industry projects per borrowal account and Rs.2 lac for business/servicing per borrower.
 What is full form of FRBM : Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management Act
 Relationship between bank and customer in case of goods left by mistake in custody of the bank: Trustee & beneficiary
 Priority sector target for foreign banks: 32% of ANBC
 NSC pledged with post office with nomination in favour of XYZ. Bank’s claim against these NSCs : Will have priority
 Legal status of nominee is that of a : Trustee for legal heirs
 M, a minor admitted for benefits in a firm wants to withdraw from the firm on attaining majority. How much time is available to him to do so : 6 months from date of majority or 6 months from date of information to him that he was admitted for benefits, whichever is later.
 Loan to minor can be given in the following case (a) against DBD (b) against LIC policy (c) in the name of minor (d) in the name of father : in the name of father
 Who cannot be a partners (a) HUF (b) illiterate (c) Blind person (d) company : HUF
 Money to be deposited by A in the account of B. A has informed that B has become insane : can be deposited with consent of the family members (i.e. guardian)
 Mortgagee enjoys the income of the mortgaged property in case of which mortgage : Usufructuary
 Hypothecation becomes pledge : when goods are given for possession to the bank, by the borrower.
 Which scheme has been abolished with introduction of senior citizen deposit scheme : Varishat Bima Pension Yojna
 An NPA account is restructured on June 30, 2003 with the provision that first instalment shall be due on Dec 31, 2003. Amount deposited on Dec 30, 2003. The account will become standard, if instalments are regularly deposited: Dec 31, 2004.
 Which type of fraud case is not to be reported : Theft and burglary.
 There is excess cash with the cashier while closing the cash balance in the evening. It is to be deposited in : Sundries account (credit balance).
 Which document is required to be attested (witnessed) (a) mortgage deed (b) pledge agreement (c) Hypothecation agreement : Mortgage deed
 No. of bank branches in India is (a) above 40000 (b) above 50000 (c) above 60000 (d) above 70000 : Above 70000
 A, B and C want to open a joint account with the provision that after death of any of them, the money should not be paid to any legal heir, what mode of operation should be opened : Either or any of them
 ECB can be raised under automatic approval by (a) companies (b) firms : Companies
 Borrowing power of Board of Directors is described in: Articles of Association.
 Doctorine of Ultravires borrowing relates to : Borrowing by a company for an activity, which it is not authorized to undertake as per its Memorandum of Association
 Loan of Rs.25000 has been obtained by the depositor against an FDR. Minor is to be appointed nominee in the account : Can be done after repayment of the loan. Terms of deposit account will not be allowed to be changed during currency of the loan.
 Authorised capital is Rs.10 lac. Paid up capital Rs.6 lac. The loss of previous year is Rs.1 lac. Loss in current year is Rs.2 lac. The tangible networth is : Rs.3 lac
 Net working capital is Rs.80000. Current ratio is 3:1. The current assets are : 120000
 CDR in case of SME account (which is not correct) (a) SME financed by any bank for any amount (b) for corporate account, financing by one bank (c) for corporate account from many banks for amount above Rs.10 lac : C
 Right to retain goods is called : Lien
 For obtaining loan against shares, the Charge on shares : Lien
 A director of the bank wants to raise loan from your bank against (a) FDR of other bank (b) share of same bank(c) surrender value of Life Policy. Loan can be given against : Surrender value of Life Policy.
 Bill of lading, Railway Receipt are negotiable instruments under (a) NI Act (b) Sec 3 of Transfer of Property Act (c) Sec 137 of Transfer of Property Act (d) Sale of Goods act : C
 Keeping goods in safe custody is as per provisions of (a) NI Act (b) Indian Partnership Act (c) Indian Contract Act : C
 No dues certificate in case of agricultural advances is exempted up to a loan of: Rs.50000
 Liability of a coparcener in case of loan raised by HUF is : Restricted to his share in HUF property/assets
 In KYC guidelines, the small account where simple KYC is applicable are those account where the amount deposited in the account is restricted to (a) Rs.50000 (b) Rs.1 lac : Rs.1 lac
 In case of SMEs, the registration is mandatory in case of (a) medium enterprises in servicing (b) small manufacturing enterprises (c) manufacturing medium enterprises : C
 What is the maximum amount of loan for obtaining guarantee under CGTMSE of SIDBI : Rs.50 lac
 A company has been sanctioned cash credit-pledge limit. Internal auditor finds that charge has not been registered with Registrar of Companies in time. In how much time it is to be done : In case of pledge, not required.
 Loan system of credit delivery is not applicable in case of : Software industry
 To sell an NPA, the account must remain in the books of seller bank : for 24 months as NPA
 One of these is an indirect rate (a) one $ = Rs. 39.56 (b) one pound = Rs. 89.56, (c) one yen = Rs. 0..30 (d) Rs.100 = $ 2.60 : D
 Which crossing is not recognized by NI Act (a) Special (b) payee’s account (c) not negotiable : B
 Which among the following can open an Resident Foreign Currency account (a) NRI (b) Resident (c) Erstwhile NRI now resident (d) none : C

 A loan document is signed by one partner on June 15, 2007, by 2nd partner on June 21 and by 3rd partner on June 29. The period of limitation will start from : June 30, 2007
 In CAMLES, the word C stands for : Capital Adequacy Ratio
 A partner wants to retire from the firm XYZ. He has to (a) get consent of other partners (b) has implied authority to retire (c) has to give public notice (d) can retire when desired by him by giving notice to other partners : A

 Service Area approach guidelines withdrawn by RBI except of Govt. sponsored Scheme as per recommendations of : VS Vyas Committee
 Govt. shareholding in public sector banks cannot be below : (a) 33% (b) 51% (c) 74% (d) 100 : B
 For micro & small enterprise, the value of _____ is excluded while calculating the value of plant and machinery or equipment : Land & building.
 Registration of partnership firm is not compulsory but banks prefer registered firms because (a) they can file suit against them (b) creditors can file suit against them (c) they can file suit against their debtors : C
 The limitation period u/s 138 of NI Act begins from : Date of cause of action
 Ombudsman can ignore the case of complaint where (a) advocate of applicant has appealed (b) complaint is of frivolous nature : B
 Company increases it networth by revaluation of assets by Rs.50000. Existing Debt equity ratio was 2:1. the new debt equity ratio would be _____, if long term liabilities are Rs.80000 : 0.9:1
 A cheque is issued by a company as “pay yourselves”. A clerk from the company comes and signs on behalf of the company and requests for preparation of a demand draft : Cannot be prepared.
 Internal rate of return is : A discount rate, at which the net present value of a project is Zero.
 Subsidy under Agriclinic Agribusiness is …..%or general &…….% for SC/ST (25% and 33.3%)
 Small Service industry investment in plant and machinery : above 10 lakhs but upto 2 crore
 Hypothecation defined under which act : SARFAESI Act.
 Npa Can Be Sold By Keeping For How Many Days : 2 Years
 Remittance of FCNR(B) proceeds to III Party abroad – If AD satisfied, these can be made on the request of the depositor.
 Banks can accept NRE deposit from 1 year to 3 year and can accept beyond 3 years also but the rate of interest payable beyond 3 years
 CGFTMSE 80% coverage not available for : SC/ST
 Oversold position will give loss when the value appreciating
 Sengupta committee related to : Private sector contribution to defence sector
 Radhakrishanan Committee related to : agriculture indebitedness.
 The committee recommended concurrent audit : GHOSH COMMITTEE
 Restructured a/c classified standard if the operation in the account is satisfactory for a period of : one year
 In case of failure of a customer to meet its commitment in settling his dues in time will come under which type of risk : Settlement Risk
 Which approach does not Operation Risk : internal risk assessment based
 When an account becomes NPA and realizable value of security is ____ the account is directly treated as loss asset : <10 span="">
 ROI on adhoc PCL : Same Rate Of Normal PCL
 Un Registered Partnership Firm - What is the repercussion: Firm can sue the others
 A cheque passed in a current account of an Un Registered Firm having insufficient balance allow OD in the account without any instructions from the Firm. Bank has an FD, whether bank can recover the amount of OD allowed in the account from the proceeds of FD? : Yes
 Whether Minor can nominate ? no
 TDS not deducted what is the penalty and for what period: Bank to pay the amount with interest @ 1% p.m. simple
 Mr.A withdrew cash from the following three accounts maintained in your bank: SB – Rs.100,000/-, Current – Rs.60,000/-, OD – 40,000/-. What is the amount of BCTT to be deducted: 60/-
 What charge to be created for demat shares with bank as security : Lien
 Microsoft has instituted its base/ facility office at: Hyderabad
 If the date under LC is mentioned as On or about 30.06.2007 – shipment will go within or when.. (5 days before and 5 days after 30.6.07)
 What is the position of a Nominee ?: The money will be paid to nominee after death of depositor
 Methodology of Waiver/Remission of loan of Director of the bank: After permission of RBI .

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