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What is called Year Book and what does the Year Book normally contain ?

Recently I had the opportunity to go through one Year Book  published by one of the famous publishers in India

The publishers are coming out with year books every year incorporating the changes that had taken place during the year  and the book is mainly intended for use by
·          students who are willing to update their knowledge base,
·          scholars who are willing to explore unknown areas,
·         teachers and faculties working in schools and colleges willing to improve their knowledge level
·         individuals, housewives and  businessmen willing to add more value to their information pool about various rent  events, places etc
Why the year book ?
In order to improve the  knowledge level about each and every aspects, one has to either browse the internet and utilize a lot of manpower and time in searching various sites to gather a lot of information required by them or purchase from the markets  various newspapers and magazines which are available in different languages at periodical intervals. Moreover , a person cannot have the  required information from  one newspaper alone and his quest for knowledge never stops and it drives him to run behind  various magazines. This also consumes a lot of manpower apart from consumption of more time. Moreover, he has to spend a lot of amount in procuring  various periodicals to fulfill his requirement
In case, if one book consisting of all latest information is made available to him, the time spent will be thus reduced to a great extent apart from saving a lot of manpower and money
The year book is such a  publication and as on date various publishers are coming out with such information book called –Year Book called  in other words as an encyclopedia of the year.
What are the contents of an Year Book ?
Normally in a year book the publishers are providing the information through different 

chapters as mentioned below:

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Under this chapter, they provide various information about the major and important events that had taken place during the period normally during the year. This information will be highly helpful for politicians who are willing to know the world better, students willing to appear for entrance examinations, and teachers and faculty members  willing to train their students. Normally under this category they provide the information in the following manner:
1.      Regionwise events
2.      State wise events
3.      Countrywise events
4.      Global events

COVER STORY: In this chapter, they cover important topics selected by them – which they normally highlight in the cover page of the booklet. The main purpose is to create an inquisitiveness amongst the minds of the buyers. Normally, the cover stories play a greater role towards increasing the  sales volume . Any person who wants to purchase any booklet or magazines normally looks into the cover page and attracted by the cover story he gets an intention to buy the booklet or the magazine. Likewise the cover story chosen in a year book plays a key role in kindling the desire to purchase

·         EVENTS: In this chapter, they provide information about the various events notworthy in nature that taken place during the year

·         SCIENCE WORLD: In this chapter, they cover articles covering science subjects like
1.      Genetic modification
2.      The nanotechnology revolution
3.      Horning stem cells

  ENVIRONMENT: In this chapter, they cover articles like – global warming, world environment events etc
·         THE COSMOS:In this chapter, they cover articles regarding cosmos like – the solar system, the universe, Missions in planets, space shuttle and the movements that are taking place on earth etc
·         INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: In this chapter, they cover articles about the recent developments that had taken place in information technology like – IT scan, Biometric security, spooling or phishing , computers, networking etc
·         HEALTH AND MEDICINE: This chapter normally consists of information about the following  viz: Measuring human body, Human body systems, Human sexuality, Fitness regime etc
·         WORLD PANORAMA: Normally the following information is provided in this chapter like – the biggest and smallest states, countries listed by continents, facts at a glance, the world as on date,  information about the United Nations, United Nations Council etc
·         EDUCATION AND CAREER: In this article, they cover articles about the education and the topics they cover normally are – Careers for modern Indian women, choosing a course of study, how to improve the memory power of the students , how to face examinations fearlessly and courageously etc
·         THE NATION: In this chapter, information is provided about the local country. Here they cover a lot of information about the villages, semiurban centres, urban centres, metro centres, fertile areas, unfertile areas, areas developing agriculture, areas where various types of minerals are available etc etc

THE ECONOMY: This chapter normally contains information about the economy and the impacts of economy during the year. The articles  available in this chapter are – the details of various banks in the country, developments about the banking industry, developments that had taken place in mutual fund industry, insurance industry etc They also cover topics relating to capital markets and the impact  of the capital markets  for the growth or fall in  country’s economy,
·         GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Normally this chapter is mainly intended to provide the update information to the students pursuing  higher education
·         SPORTS: The information about various sports events that had taken place recently around the world are highlighted in this chapter. This chapter is used as a ready reckoner  by sportspersons and students and teachers and faculty members
The information provided as above are only illustrative and not exhaustive and the quality of the year book depends upon the interest evinced by the publishers in bringing out the booklet
In fact year books are prepared with the social objectives in their mindsets and not mainly as an income generating activity.
In a nutshell, the year book will be a guide for students, teachers, faculty members, politicians and the general public who are willing to update their knowledge.
On the other hand, the publishers are playing a great role in spreading knowledge around the globe and their contributions in this are should be necessarily appreciated.

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