Thursday, July 21, 2011


A group of likeminded people usually assemble each Saturday evening and discuss about various issues. During the course of one such discussion, the convener requested  the participants to come out with variety of ideas on the  following topic
“What do you mean by creativity?“
-          Is it a means of self-expression  ? A way of life or just the way you are  ?
-          Or as important as ‘breathing’ to you  ?
-           Have you ever had to pay a price or go through a bad experience in your life because you were ‘creative’ ?
-          Do you feel accepted,  loved or rejected and hated for the very same reasons ?
-          At what age did you discover that you were creative ?
-          How do you feel about it now ?
The participants gladly accepted the challenge and came out with the following answers for the questions raised by the convener:
·         Stepping out of the comfort zone and stabilizing on that very first step and this  is what we do when we walk, run or play
·         Try a meditative walk through the field or garden with this idea in the mind and the idea will become clearer and clearer emanating resultant benefits  beyond imagination
·         It is like having the freedom of expression and that too expressing the self. The ultimate result is experienced   between the viewer and the piece of art
·         An artist expresses this thoughts in a meaningful way and to be creative, he needs to  be positive minded and imaginative
·         Being creative means  - expressing the self and it is a way of life and a person when lacks creativity loses his existence
·         Creativity  means – doing things in a different way. It is as if losing the self while creating a new piece of art. Putting the entire feelings and emotions on the job at hand thereby producing a fantastic piece of art – can be a painting, script, essay, poetry or a sculpture
·         Teaching is one form of such an expression of creativity
·         A great idea emanated in an environment but not acted upon on account of fear or lack of courage gets often doomed
·         Creativity to me is executing a project through a high level of concentration  – it can be a creation of a painting; a poem; making a doll etc

·         Plucking seemingly random ideas from the head; merging them with the coherent thoughts that you are having all along and trying to converge the collective pool into something creative, new, innovative  and novel
·         Creativity is a function of each human being. Everyone is creative to some degree and there are those whose creativity drives them involved to the deepest extent  and that is the moment by which time creativity is scaled to produce an excellent  a piece of art.
·         When we create something, there is a certain oneness felt. The creator immerses himself in to the work deeply and  the subjective experience enables him to derive a deep sense of spiritual feeling  and satisfaction
·         Creativity is a way of expression  and sometimes letting go of yourself and a person is compelled to create something and the process is simultaneous within and without
·         Creativity is bringing out the hidden talents inside the mind entirely new to the creator and to the external world
·         Being creative is a state of mind and it is a necessity for humans in order to survive
·         Creativity is a state of being. It cannot be defined by time and space or even through rational thoughts . It is an internal quest to quench something that cannot be felt clearly at the initial stage until it manifests itself by becoming alive through some piece of work ; or a social construction; educational expression or a conversation.

·         Being creative means -  something new that originates from the creator
·         The broadest definition of creativity is finding solutions and this makes any job creative, but  it challenges the creator a design that meets the client’s needs while culturally being relevant and beautiful
·         All activities we do  make an impact on others. An artist while employs his creative expression at his work with an aim to satisfy any individual loses his creative self thereby producing his worst piece of art
·         Creativity means expressing oneself and all creativity holds some sort of message, meaning or a purpose either for the creator or to the external world. It is an end product resulting out of collective imaginative ideas expressed in reality
·         Under normal situations, creativity seems to be a rather difficult process for human beings They are guided by a set of regulations for each kind of their activities like sleeping in the same bed, drinking a coffee in the same hotel, travelling by a vehicle, attending to office in time, following up traffic rules etc. Unlike humans, animals, birds and insects attempt to do things creatively each moment. When habits become the regulators, creativity is lost and once the regulations are dismantled, creativity is reborn. In other words attempting to do things in a different way like travel by new routes each day, having friendship with a new person each day, visiting several places during each year, finding different solutions for a single problem are creative attempts and creative people only can succeed
·         Children are more creative because of their inquisitiveness to learn many things each moment
·         Unlike painting, creativity in the field of a product design and innovation involves several steps described through the following flow chart:
Problem sensititivy >observation/analysis> Ideation>generation of  multiple solutions>selecting an ideal candidate>designing>implementing>testing>verifying>generating new issues>back to analysis

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