Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you want to have an office table suiting to all your needs ?

Each manager or administrator requires a better writing table in their house as well as in their office. It is  not only a common requirement for any office administration but also the desire that persists in every manager’s mind
In any organization, provided  a choice between money and career upliftment, wise people prefer only career upliftment which provides them a lot of job satisfaction and increase in the level of responsibility prompting  them to perform betterl. The achievement motivation  drives them towards continual uplift in their career path
Once they are on the move towards the uppermost position in the organization, their needs get changed and they require  and many times demand quality perquisites . Rather than money, the facilities they enjoy provide them a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.
The office table is one among them.
In fact, unless and otherwise, he himself is the  decision conveying   authority in the organization, he needs to depend on a person other than himself in permitting him to have a better infrastructure.
During such situations, he places his demand with the decision making authority.
The office table should have the following facilities so that the administrator can comfortably discharge his duties wholeheartedly
·         The table should be at least six feet in length and four feet in breadth. This size is the minimum one and moreover the size depends upon the size of the room provided to the administrator
·         The size can be more than six feet and can extend upto to seven feet in length and five feet in breadth. The reasons behind the size are – He should be in a position to handle the objects placed on the table comfortably without any help or assistance from a third person. It means he should be able to handle any objects available on the table without much difficulty
·         The following can be the requirements for the administrator: One telephone and in case of need more than one telephone and upto three telephones. The administrator cannot handle more than three telephones simulataneously and moreover in case the table is occupied by the telephone instruments alone, there may not be sufficient space for keeping other required objects  on the table in a convenient manner. Nowadays, since people are using mobile phones at the most, the question of having telephones rarely arises

·         A pen stand to keep the required number of pens. The administrator can have four pens with different inks say – blue, black, green and red. He can have his own set of  regulations in using the different varieties of pens  - for example - in the following manner: Blue pen for occasional writing or regular writing; black pen for signing normal documents; red pen for the purpose of making any corrections in drafts placed by the subordinate employees and green ink for signing in important documents like certificates, bonds and agreements etc. Normally the usage of different kinds of inks depict the character of the person using the pen. It places him in an enviable position. It is just like wearing a nice neck tie with pair of polished shoes
·         Under normal circumstances, during the course of verification of papers and  important documents, the manager should make use  of pencils  because of the facts that the impressions can be erased subsequently. As such the manager should have at least a pen, a sharpener and an eraser
·         He should have a foot ruler in order to draw lines on the writing sheets
·         Required number of table weights should be placed on the table
·         A  tray should be on the table so that cool/hot  drinks can be placed safely and securely on the tray in order to protect the table and the contents over the table safely and neatly
·         Required amount of drinking water provided in a glass
·         A writing pad in front of him so that he can comfortably keep the sheets on the writing table and start writing. The writing pad should have provisions to keep  a note book consisting of required number of blank white sheets, a good quality pen, a calculator etc
·         Some folders should be made available so that important documents can be kept in the folders safely and securely
·         The manager should develop the habit of using a folder or a pad while he carries important documents to his immediate supervisor. This will create a better impression and he will be regarded in a respectable manner.  Indifferent and “don’t care-attitude” managers carry the documents in their hands and the next level higher authority many times dislike the practices followed up by their subordinates. It has to be borne in mind that – First impression is the best impression
·         In order to ease himself at tense situations, the manager needs to have a foot-rest  under the table and as and when required he can relax himself by leaning  to the chair which will boast his energy level

The details mentioned as above are only illustrative and not exhaustive

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