Friday, September 16, 2016

What do you know by Shekaripuram village near Palakkad?

Shekaripuram is also spelt sometimes as Sekharipuram or Shekaripuram. It is a village situated in Palakkad town in Kerala state in India. The village consists of five main streets. Each street contains its own temple and as such there are five temples in five streets. The main temple in the village is known as “Ratta Theruvu” called as double street. The temple located in this street is known as Lakshminarayan temple.
The following are the details of temples situated in the village:
• Lakshminarayanan Temple
• Ganapathi Temple
• Ayyappan Temple
• Bagavathi Kavu Temple
• Shiva Temple

Festivals in the village:

The Chariot (Theru) Festival occurs during the month of May.
A major Mahakumbabishekam festival in May 2007 was conducted at the Lakshminarayan Temple.
Chathapuram Agraharam, some believe was in earlier days known as Sastrapuram, is situated on the bank of Nila River and is one of the 24 Brahmin Agraharams in Palakkad Town and there are other 88 Agraharams in Palakkad district. In Kerala,there are 26 more Agraharams in other districts.The Village is on the north east point of Kalpathy end of the town. The residents are Tamil speaking orthodox Brahmins, who are inculcated in vedic learning and are highly accomplished in all fields in life namely;  Education, Fine arts, Music and the people have much faith  in peace and harmony. So the villagers are contiguous like flowers in a garland(haram) and so are called as “Agraharams”.

Sree Prasanna Maha Ganapathy Temple in Chathapuram, Kalpathy, Palakkad is an ancient, famous temple in the town and it was founded by the Tamil Brahmin residents of the chathapuram gramam. The temple is maintained and managed by the villagers of chathapuram Agraharam. The Lord is worshipped by hundreds and thousands of Devotees, who are the recepients of the unabated, bountiful blessings of Lord Mahaganapathy.
The prime and glowing role of the kariakkar family played in the founding of the temple and the daily worships/celebrations of the important festivals in the temple is always in the sweet memories of the community in general and the villagers in particular. The role of the kariakkars will continue to be remembered and eulogized by the future generations.

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