Thursday, September 15, 2016

What do you know by Kalpathi village in Kerala state in India?

Kalpathi can also be called as Kalpathy and it is one among the several villages situated near Palakkad in Kerala state in India. Kalpathy is known as Dakshin Kasi or the Varanasi of the south and it is an early Tamil Brahmin settlement known as agraharam in the Palakkad district of present Kerala state.
Kalpathy is very famous for Kalpathi Ratholsavam, a temple car festival held each year at Shri Visalakshmi Sametha Sri Viswanatha Swamy temple where the deity is known as Lord Siva (Lord Viswanatha).
Kalpathy is located  at 3 km from Palakkad town and consists of Old Kalpathy and New Kalpathy.
On the eastern side of Viswanatha Swamy Temple, Palakkad lies the New Kalpathy Village which consists of homes built mostly of thatched roofing. It belonged perhaps to the last batch of Tamil Brahmin migrants. Harassed by frequent fire, loss of life and property, the villagers consecrated a temple dedicated to Lord Maha Ganapathy to ward off "Sivadrishti". The idol of Mahaganapathy resting under a Banyan tree near a tank lying on the eastern side of this village (Manthakkara) was installed facing Lord Shiva (in Sri Viswanatha temple).
The residents of this village were well known scholars of Vedas & Shastras and purohits well versed in their profession. Most of the surrounding villages of Palakkad town used to depend upon them for conducting the Vedic rituals. Any doubt on observations of rituals and interpretations of sastras used to be debated and decided here. This village is also the birthplace of many professionals, musicians, scientists and men of letters.
New Kalpathy village was a citadel of Vedic culture and Sanathana dharma. It has produced numerous scholars of Vedas and Vedangas. They are still being remembered by villagers with reverence and devotion. Their academic excellence was well  recognized by both Shringeri and Kanchi Sankaracharya Mutts. This village sent the largest contingent of delegates of Veda scholars to attend the All India Sanathana Conference held at Kasi during 1932-33.
The biggest festival of this place is known as annual car festival(kalpathy theru). This is celebrated in a very grand manner and during such festival occasions, relatives used to come from far off places and stay there to enjoy and get the blessings of the Lord Viswanatha. 

Modern Period:
During the recent times, on account of many changes which took place in the activities of men and women and their involvement in various academic pursuits,  many new housing colonies have sprung up in and around Kalpathi. One such colony is Kailas Nagar where some of the eminent citizens of Palakkad have built their homes. Kailas Nagar  also has the distinction of running a school for special children called as "Chaitanya School". Mrs. BhagyaLaxmi of Kailas Nagar has taken keen interest in establishing this school and nurturing it.
The pressure of modern aspirations and altered lifestyle is taking its toll on the heritage value of Kalpathy. Old buildings are slowly yielding way to new concrete structures. To preserve whatever is left, the State Tourism Department had taken up the Kalpathy Heritage Walk scheme. It is a Rupees two crore project aimed at restoring the old structures which are present in the village and the project is underway.

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