Thursday, July 4, 2013



Deepak Mohanty
On Benchmark Prime Lending Rate - BPLR
Deepak Mohanty
Working group on surveys
Usha Thorat
High Level Committee to review Lead Bank Scheme
P. Vijaya Bhaskar Rao
To review business correspondent model
Usha Thorat
On systems and procedures for currency distribution
Dr Rakesh Mohan and Tiff Macklem
G20 working group enhancing sound regulation and strengthening transparency
Dr. Rakesh Mohan
Committee on financial sector assessment
Dr. C. Rengarajan
On estimation of savings and investment
Dr. Rakesh Mohan
Committee on the global financlal system on Capital Flows and Emerging Market Economics
A K Bera
Task force for diamond sector
Prof Amitabh Kundu
Technical advisory group on development of housing start up index in India
G. Padmanabhan
On cost of ICT solutions for Regional Rural Banks
R. Gandhi
On IT support for Urban Cooperative Banks
G. Srinivasan
On technology upgradation of Regional Rural Banks
V K Sharma
Interest rate futures
K C Chakrabarthy
On rehabilitation of sick small and medium enterprises
Dr Balwant Singh
On seasonal movements in inflation
C  P Swarankar
To examine procedures and processes of agricultural loans
K G Karmakar
Task force on empowering Regional Rural Bank boards for operational efficiency
S S Johi
To suggest measures to assist distressed farmers
K S R Rao
Technical advisory group on development of leading economic indicators for Indian economy
R. B. Burman
Technical advisory group on development of leading economic indicators for Indian economy
N D Jadhav
Working group on compilation of state government liabilities
P K Pain
Working group on cost of NRI remittances
N. Sadasivam
Working group to formulate a scheme for ensuring reasonableness of bank charges
M P Besbaruah
Advisory committee on ways and means advances to state governments
Sanal Kumar Velayutham
Need and use behavior for small denomination coins
H R Khan
Internal group to examine issues relating to Rural credit and microfinance
Anand Sinha
Working group to review export credit
A V Sardesai
Internal working group on Regional Rural Banks
Prashant Saran
Working group on ware house receipts and commodity futures
R. Gandhi
Working group on regulatory mechanism for cards
A. Vaidyanathan
Tasks force on revival of cooperative credit institutions
G Srinivasan
Special group for formulation of debt restructuring mechanism for medium enterprises
R.M. Patil
Working group on screen based trading in government securities
A. Vaidyanathan
Expert group on internet deployment of central database management system – CDBMS
Shyamala Gopinath
Monitoring of financial conglomerates
N. Sadhasivan
On development financial institutions
V S Vyas
Advisory committee on flow of credit to agriculture
A S Ganguly
Working group on flow of credit to SSI sector
G. Padmanabhan
Rupee interest rate derivatives
Usha Thorat
Working group on instruments of sterilization
On cheque truncation and E-cheques
B. Mahapatra
Working group on introduction of credit derivatives in India
Jaspal Bandra
Working group on rupee derivatives
A L Narasimhan
Committee on computer audit
R H Patil
Committee on payment systems
G. Ramachandran
Review group on working of the Local Area Bank Scheme
Deepak Mohanty
Technical group on Statistics of International Trade in Services
M R Ramesh
Working group for suggesting operational and prudential guidelines on Stripes (Separately Traded Registered Interest and Principal of Securities)
Zarir J Cama
Working group on electronic money
S. R Iyer
Working group to examine the Role of credit Information bureaus in collection and dissemination of information on suit filed accounts and defaulters
R.B. Burman
Information systems audit policy for the banking and financial sector
Vipin Malik
On consolidated accounting and other quantitative methods to facilitate consolidated supervision
Y V Reddy
Expert Committee to review the system of administered interest rates and other related issues
N.L. Mitra
On legal aspects of bank frauds
C R Muralidharan
Technical group on market integrity
Jagdish Kapoor
Task force to study the cooperative system and suggest measures for its strengthening
Madhav Rao
High power committee on Urban Cooperative Banks
N H Siddiqui
Working group for setting up credit information bureau in India

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