Saturday, January 5, 2013

Whether stroke can be prevented?

When it comes to stroke, it has been found that one in every six people living in the world is affected by stroke and definitely it is one among the several life threatening conditions.

Stroke leads to disability including loss of life. It is the responsibility of each individual to know well the risk factors and take timely action so that the risk is reduced considerably and stroke is prevented to some extent.

The following are certain tips for reduction of the risk factors so that stroke is prevented to a great extent:
·         High blood pressure should be monitored and reduced;
·         Tobacco use and consumption of alcohol should be altogether avoided;
·         Diabetes should be kept controlled;
·         Healthy weight should be maintained;
·         Each individual should take do some physical exercise so that he is active physically;
·         A healthy diet habit is essential and the diet should be high in fruits and vegetables; however, low when it comes to consumption of salt;
·         Stroke has certain warning signals and proper care should be taken so that the warning signals are properly understood.
How about low salt diet ?:
The intake of salt should be reduced to less than 5 grams each day so that the risk is reduced considerably. Salt is responsible for increase in blood pressure which in turn increases the risk of stroke. It has to be noted that people consume more salt in the form of bread, sauces, cheese and processed meat. This apart, people use more salt at the table and while the food is cooked.

What is meant by Atrial Fibrillation ?:
Atrial fibrillation refers to under diagnosed and under treated heart condition responsible for major risk factor for stroke. It causes the two upper chambers of the heart (the atria) to quiver instead of beating effectively, resulting in blood not being completely pumped out, which in turn causes pooling and can lead to clotting. These clots slowly travel to the brain cells and trigger the brain cells for a fatal stroke.
However, the stroke due to atrial fibrillation can be prevented by using anti clotting drugs. In case you have experienced with a heart attack; have been diagnosed with a heart ailment or have irregular heart rhythm, it is important for you to get screened immediately and prevent the occurrence of the stroke at the earliest.

What are the warning signs for stroke?
In order to find a person affected by stroke, the fast test is an easy way for everybody to remember and recognize the signs of stroke. Fast stands for face, arms, speech and time to act.
·         Face – Whether the mouth dropped?
·         Arms – Whether they are able to life their both arms?
·         Speech – Whether the speech is slurred and whether they understand you?
·         Time – In case of anyone or more of the warning signals as mentioned earlier, the time is critical and fast action should be initiated
The affected person should be taken to the nearby hospital for immediate treatment.

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