Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How far phone interview is found to be effective?

People who are working in service industries namely; restaurants, hotels, banks, bus service and many more require specific qualities compared to individuals working in manufacturing, training and other industries.
The service industry demands better soft skills on the part of the service personnel. The following are some tips as to how best people who are working in restaurants can perform well so that they are able to gain by way of tips from the customers.
01.            Understanding the clients: There is no specific yardstick by which the nature of the clients who require the restaurant service can be defined. A large number of customers can be found to be visiting the restaurants and they may be students, trainers, teachers, businessmen, workers, alcoholics, heavy smokers and tough guys. The service personnel should have the capability to easily understand such clients at the shortest possible time.
02.            Adjustability: The nature of the customers can be very well ascertained during the course of initial talk and the waiter should be ready to handle the clients in an amicable manner and towards this end he should be adaptable and accommodative
03.            Effective communication: The personnel should be capable of communicating well with the clients. He should be in a position to clarify the doubts raised by the clients; furnish the details as required by the clients; be tolerant to communicate in a soft and smooth manner during the course of many pressing and difficult situations keeping in mind the convenience and comforts of the clients to be attended.
04.            Polite: The personnel should behave in a polite manner without getting affected by any negative emotions. The kind, polite and tolerant attitude are responsible for getting good patronage from the clients and the personnel should try to get into the soft books of the clients at any point of time.
05.            Patience: In fact in any restaurant, more than fifty percent clients are found to be difficult to be handled and the service personnel are in a position  to face a tough time in handling such customers and when the customers are found to be under the influence of heavy alcohol, controlling such clients becomes a herculean task for staff serving in the restaurant industry. In fact certain service personnel are found to be skilled in the art of handling such clients and without hurting the ego of the individuals they are able to extend better service to those clients under all situations.
Normally the public and customers who are occupying the seats available in any restaurant usually underestimate the responsibilities of the service personnel; however, the hardships faced by such service personnel are found to be many.
More than better customer service; effective and immediate delivery of goods also are found to be responsible for earning the goodwill of the clients thereby getting better rewards by way of tips from such clients.

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