Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How do the waiters working in restaurants can extend better customer service to the customers?

People working in service industries namely; banks, restaurants, hotels, rail and bus services and many more are in a position to extend better customer service than people working in manufacturing industries.
In manufacturing industries the concern of the worker is to complete his assignment error free and such assignment is considered completed once the job is over. In the case of service industries, customer satisfaction is considered to be the ultimate aim rather than completion of the work.
In restaurants there are several job positions namely; the restaurant manager who is responsible for the effective functioning of the restaurant; the cooks who have control over the kitchen and the waiters who take care of the clients who are visiting the restaurants for getting quality food items.
The following are some tips as to how best the waiters can play a crucial role in satisfying their clients so that they are able to gain rewards by way of attractive tips from the clients:
01.            Courtesy: Under the eyes of the waiter, every customer who is occupying the tables allotted to him is important and of course the temperaments of the customers may not be the same and while some clients are quite adaptable and accommodative, many are found to be irritating and they are least bothered about the responsibilities and limitations of the waiters. Under such circumstances, it is the duty of the waiters to have control over his temptations and under no circumstances he should not be disturbed by the actions and reactions of the clients.
02.            Understanding the customers: It is the foremost duty of the waiters to understand the customers in a thorough manner. Of course, this exercise may not involve much time. Within a short time, during the course of initial discussion, the waiters can easily understand the nature of the clients in front of him. To that extent, he should behave politely, patiently and during some situations he should be tolerant to some extent.
03.            Customer service: Once the clients place the orders, it is quite normal that they expect the food items to be served to them as early as possible. It is better for the waiter to inform the breathing time for executing the orders. Since the food items are prepared on the basis of orders, definitely some items may take more than 45 minutes upto one hour. However, care should be taken so that the customers are not quite inconvenienced by getting the food items after a long time.
04.            Food management: Once the waiters receive the orders from the customers, it is their responsibility to get the food items from the kitchen as early as possible and unless the waiters maintain  cordial relationship with their colleagues working in the restaurant they may not be able to get the required cooperation from them .
Normally many customers who visit any restaurant are found to be not having the patience to understand the difficulties of the waiters and rarely some people are ready to sit patiently till the food items are served to them.
Customers who are visiting the
restaurants are quite satisfied with the waiter who is patient and polite while receiving the orders; informing the customers openly the probable breathing time for executing the orders; serving the food items neatly to the customers and having a watch over the customers towards meeting their timely requirements.
Definitely any satisfied customer is ready to pass on more tips to the waiters and such things depend entirely upon the attitude of the waiters to a great extent.

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