Friday, May 25, 2012

Winners keep on winning...
Staying on top is often more challenging than getting there in the first place.
There's an awesome responsibility, challenge and vulnerability in being the leader. It is a position which must be handled with confidence, and a certain amount of humility.
Just because you're a winner today, doesn't mean you're set for life. Just because you've accomplished great things, doesn't make you immune from failure. Enjoy the victory, bask in the glory, and then find an even bigger challenge. Take your vision to a new level, and see things that have never been seen before.
There's no point in winning, if you let it make you complacent. See every achievement as a stepping stone to even greater things. Catch your breath, and then get back in the race while your momentum is still strong. When you become the leader, the challenge has just begun. Rise to that challenge, and the possibilities are extraordinary.
~ Ralph Marston

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