Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Children – the torch bearers of future years

It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children in a proper manner. When the child is not in a position to learn good habits during her earlier years, she may not be doing well in her future years. In fact habits play a great role in shaping the character of any individual.
Of course, parents are the best teachers for their children. The following tips will prove a long way in educating the children well:
01.            Many children are fond of sleeping for a long time in their beds. Of course sleep is essential; however, sleeping for more than required number of hours will yield negative results and such children are found to be lazy and they are reluctant to undertake any new adventures because of their lazy attitude. Parents should tell their children to get up early in the morning. In this connection, the parents should play as role models and while the parents are doing their morning exercises, they can guide their children to perform certain kinds of physical activities suitable to them.
02.            Children should be educated to take care of their health through some sort of physical exercises. Of course, nowadays, a large number of outdoor and indoor activities are available which are found to be greatly helpful in activating the body cells namely; tennis, badminton, walking, jogging and playing any other games. In some countries people are taught other kinds of activities namely; yoga, karate and many other forms of physical exercises and the ultimate aim is to keep the body fit and free from diseases.
03.            Children should be taught to wear appropriate footwear. The footwear depends upon the seasons and a footwear which is suitable for winter season may not be suitable for summer seasons. Some children are fond of moving without any footwear and it is found to be more dangerous and children who are having the habits of walking or jogging without wearing any footwear are found to be attacked by many kinds of skin and other diseases.
04.            Towards shaping the children, the teachers who are employed in primary schools should be more responsible on account of the facts, that the children who meet the first person beyond their parents and close relatives  are their primary school teachers.
It has to be borne in mind that the children are the torch bearers in the future years and every elder is having the responsibility to guide the children in the right direction.

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