Monday, August 1, 2011


There are different ways by which the mental capabilities of children can be developed. This exercise depends upon the inquisitiveness of both the parents and teachers. Normally children learn things very fast. It has been estimated that children learn ten times faster than adults. However, it is the responsibility of the parents to oversee their children. Till the children attains the age of five years, much care and attention is required.
The following are some of the activities by which children can improve their mental capabilities.
Among the five senses viz., eyes, ears, nose, skin and mouth, eyes and ears play greater role in developing the power of observation. Through ears they listen and through eyes they observe things.
The following exercise will improve the observation power to a great extent:
Two identical pictures(drawings) are given. Whereas the two pictures seem to be identical, in fact, they have at least six differences (for example). The children should be asked to find out the six differences by verifying the two pictures.
1.       In order to find out the differences, the children pay much attention to each item available in both the pictures keenly. This exercise improves their  power of concentration
2.       Again to locate the differences, they start comparing the items available in picture No: 1 with items available in picture No:2. This improves their  logical aptitude
3.       They use their questioning ability during the course of comparing the pictures. This improves their analytical aptitude
Give your child a drawing (preferably hand drawn). Tell her to colour the pictures. The drawing may contain animals, birds, plants, hills, lakes, boats, cars, trees, clouds etc etc.
1.       Once they start colouring instead of applying the colour of their choice, the child starts thinking the suitable colour for each item. Since the child had already learnt information about the natural colours of animals, birds, lakes, sky, clouds, ground etc, she does not find any difficulty in applying the colours to the items. Rarely they fail to apply the right colours to the objects. This exercise improves their analytical ability and again the power of concentration
2.       Once they finish application of colours to the picture allotted to them, the child feels a sense of achievement. She feels that she can do things still better in future. This shows the strength of her self confidence.
3.       When the child goes on learning using different methods and exercises, her self esteem moves upwards and she realizes that she is important to the family and to the society. She wants to do better for the society
Children can be taught to improve their different mental capabilities, through various games and exercises. Teachers should evince interest in finding out novel ways of educating their students.

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