Sunday, August 7, 2011

How far pests are harmful to the family and home ?

Sometimes we are put into a lot of inconvenience on account of pests in our homes, shops and offices.  Pests apart from damaging the food are responsible for various diseases. In majority of the cases, children are affected to a great extent by virtue of pests at our homes.
The following are some kinds of pests which occupy more space in our homes and workplaces :
Cockroaches can be found anywhere and they can live under all situations including an airtight compartment. They adopt to a variety of environments but prefer normally warm conditions found within the buildings like residential complexes, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops and in short any human dwelling. Cockroaches leave dark stains and foul odor leading to a very unpleasant and unhygienic conditions some times. They passively cause diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, food poisoning, asthma and allergic reactions in humans.
For the management of cockroaches, effective pest control management system has to be provided by using the services available through a reputed agency.
The cockroach management service will also be effective in providing total control over other pests like red and black ants, silverfish, spiders etc. A  highly potent active ingredient is applied at all cockroach hideouts resulting in control of cockroaches and other pests giving sustained relief
The treatment should be in such a way that the following benefits should be made available:
·         A completely odourless, hassle free and safe solution for the occupant
·         It should  not necessary to empty out the kitchens, hence convenient
·         Long-lasting and highly efficient treatment which can be carried out at anytime of the day
The pest control treat towards eradicating the cockroaches should be done at least once in four months for total control.
Termites or white ants are in the habit of remaining concealed which often results in their presence being undetected until the wood exhibit surface damages. They apart from wood damage paper, cloth, carpets, leather, electrical wire coatings, cellulosic materials, plaster, rubber, nylon, neoprene, thermocol and sealants such as silicone rubber and acrylics which are often employed in construction
The termite treatment comprises drilling holes at the junction of floor and wall, soaking them with termiticide and sealing them.
By termite treatment, the termites are completely killed unlike regular pest control that just repels them
Nowadays, in the case of new buildings, the treatment is done at the time of construction of the buildings. The right time for application of the treatment is at the time of completion of basement flooring. The termite solution is mixed with the required quantity of water and sprayed through pipes over the flooring immediately at the time of applying concrete mixture during  basement flooring. This prevents termites emanating from the earth into the building walls in future . It is proved that this treatment is highly effective and economical.

The term rodent implies rats, mice and bandicoots and are one of the most disastrous urban pests. They invade our homes, eat and contaminate food with their faeces, urine and hair, damage commodities and are also responsible for various diseases. Their gnawing ability is responsible for structural and property damage, short circuits, fires, entire communication or computer network collapse. They normally come in the dark and give everybody a sleepless night.
A rodent management service has to be done to provide total and effective control of rats and mice. The new age treatment for rodents is based on type of rodent species, extent of infestation and its spread. It is  a scientific combination of baiting, trapping and proofing methods.
They are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on wood and destroy it. The treatment is carried out by injecting oil based chemicals into the tiny short holes created by the wood borers killing the larva deep inside the wood.
They are called cosmopolitan pests mostly found in beds and therefore they have been named as “bed bugs”. During the treatment for bed bug, a thorough insecticide spray is given to all cracks and crevices in furniture, bed joints and other fixtures, giving special attention to mattress beading and folds. A second  bed beg management service has to be done within a fortnight to control new hatchlings.

Unless effective pest control management services are done, damage to the properties and  human beings cannot be avoided.  It should be given topmost priority and should be done without any delay 

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