Saturday, June 27, 2015

What would happen if the Earth stopped rotating?

We can confidently believe that such an incident will never happen. Earth is a small planet in the entire atmosphere. It finds a place in the atmosphere by means of its rotation since such rotation generates a magnetic force. The earth is connected with nearby and distant planets by means of the magnetic force generated.
In case the earth stops rotating, the following events may happen.
Plant life: All parts on the earth derives the source of light from sun and when there is no rotation, the plants on one side of the earth can get continuous supply of heat and they may virtually die within a couple of days. Likewise, the other side of the earth which is not visible to the sun gets no light or heat and the plants start losing their lives within a few days. When there is no rotation, there will be no movement of wind force and plants lose vital oxygen
Water: Water flows from one part of earth to another part since earth rotates. When there is no rotation, water stagnates in a single place and water on the dark side of earth starts freezing and such water is of no use to plants and other lives. Similarly water exposed to continuous heat becomes a vapor and such vapor mixes with air in the atmosphere.
Occupation: Once earth stops rotating, plants, human beings, animals, birds and insects do not get sufficient water, oxygen and food and they die soon. Even if humans start surviving, the pattern of occupation will change depending upon the place they live – either on the dark side of the earth or the bright side of earth.
Human Value: Humans suffer a lot for their survival and there can be no human value at all and human value exists only when people live in a peaceful situation.
Education: Humans try to find ways and means by which they can survive on earth and such learning will be an education for them.
Transport: The movement of objects takes place when there is gravitational force. Humans and other objects live on earth on account of gravitational force and when there is no rotation, there will not be any gravitational force and there can be no movement and transport can happen only when humans start living in the new situation and it can happen after millions of years only.

Season and climate: On account of more heat rain starts pouring. Now earth stops rotating. There may be more rains on the bright side of earth which is visible to sun and there may not be any rains and the places can be full of ice on the dark side of earth. People and other creatures can live on places which are nearer to both dark side of earth and bright side of earth. 

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