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Insurance examinations - Tips on insurance - Part-001

01. What do you know by the history of insurance?

·         The idea of insurance was mooted out during 14th century
·         Marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance throughout the world
·         Fire insurance and life insurance were subsequently undertaken by insurers
·         Fire insurance originated in Germany during 16th century
·         Life insurance started in England during 16th century
·         The first life that was insured was of Mr. William Gybbons on 18.6.1653
·         The first registered office of life was in England with the name Hand in Hand society in 1696
·         Life insurance was started during the year 1818 in Bengal Presidency
·         The name of the company was Orient Life Assurance Company
·         Bombay Life Assurance Company was started in 1823
·         Triton insurance company was commenced for general insurance in 1850
·         During 1871, Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society was established
·         During 1874 Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Co Ltd was established
·         The first company which transacted general insurance business was the Indian Mercantile insurance company limited
·         During 1912, in order to regulate  insurance the Indian Life Assurance companies act was formulated
·         During the year 1928, the Indian Insurance companies act was enacted
·         During 1938, there were 176 insurance companies in India
·         The image of insurance was tainted on account of frauds during 1920 and 1930
·         Insurance act was passed during 1938
·         245 Indian and foreign life insurers and provident societies were under one nationalized corporation during 1956
·         Life Insurance Corporation was formed by an act of Parliament vide LIC act 1956
·         The initial capital for LIC was Rs. 5 crore
·         During 1968, insurance act was amended to regulate investment and also set up of tariff advisory committee
·         Non life insurance business/general insurance remained with private sector till 1972
·         There were 107 companies involved in the business of general operations
·         General Insurance business was nationalized in India as per General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) act 1972 with effect from 1.1.1973
·         107 private insurance companies were amalgamated and grouped into four companies namely – National Insurance Company, New India Assurance Company, Oriental Insurance Company and United India Insurance Company
·         The above companies were the subsidiaries of General Insurance Company – GIC
·         Malhotra committee was formed during the year 1993 headed by former Finance Secretary and RBI governor R N Malhotra
·         During the year 1999, IRDA act was passed and paved way for privatization of insurance sector in India
·         During the year 2002, IRDA act and insurance act have been amended

02. What is the present level of insurance industry in India?

·         Insurance business in India can be classified into Life Insurance business and General Insurance Business
·         LIC of India is taking care of life insurance business
·         General Insurance Corporation of India namely GIC Limited is taking care of general insurance business
·         United India Insurance Company, Oriental Insurance Company, New India Assurance Company and National Insurance Company are part and parcel of General Insurance Corporation of India
·         Insurance sector in India was liberalized in March 2000 by the formation of IRDA
·         IRDA means Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
·         As on 2,2.2011, there were 23 life insurance companies and 24 non life insurance companies in the market.

03. What are the concepts of Insurance?

·         Insurance business can be divided in four classes namely: Life Insurance, Fire insurance, Marine insurance and Miscellaneous insurance
·         Life insurers transact life insurance business
·         General insurers transact the rest
·         No composites are permitted as per law

04. What are the specific principles of insurance?

·         The specific principles of insurance are – uberrima fida(utmost good faith); insurable interest; indemnity; proximate clause; subrogation

05. What are the benefits of life insurance?

·         The benefits of life insurance are – protection against untimely death, saving for old age, encourage savings, initiates investment, credit worthiness, social security, tax benefits.

06. What are the objectives of nationalization of insurance industry?

·         To ensure general insurance business to the best advantage to the community
·         To promote competition in the economy
·         To prevent monopoly growth and concentration of wealth
·         To spread the activities over geograp0hical frontiers
·         To innovate new products to suit the requirements of the different sections of the population
·         To meet the social objectives by formulating policies for weaker sections

07. What are the major recommendations of Malhotra committee?

·         Insurance intermediaries
·         Surveyors
·         Product pricing
·         Rural insurance
·         Regulation of insurance business
·         Liberalisation
·         Investment
·         Restructuring of general insurance
·         Detariffing

08. What do you mean by Insurance Institute of India?

·         Insurance Institute of India was established in 1955
·         The examinations conducted by Insurance Institute of India are –
·         The Inspector’s examination (general insurance)
·         Certificate of insurance salesmanship (agents)
·         Licentiate, associate and fellowship
·         Pre recruitment test to insurance agents

09. Persons have insurance interest in which types of properties?

·         Persons who have insurance interest in different types of properties are as detailed below:
·         Immovable properties
·         Movable properties
·         Business
·         Ships
·         Commencement of risk
·         Cause proxima
·         Payment of premium
·         Right to contribution
·         Mitigation of loss

10. What are the different classifications of insurance?

·         Life insurance
·         Non life insurance – namely fire insurance business, marine insurance business, miscellaneous insurance business
·         Retail insurance
·         Corporate insurance
·         Coinsurance
·         Universal insurance
·         Direct insurance
·         Reinsurance

11. What are the various acts connected with insurance?

·         Indian contract act 1872
·         The Insurance company act 1938
·         General Insurance Business (Nationalisation) act 1972
·         Life Insurance act 1956
·         IRDA act 1999
·         Consumer protection act 1986
·         Foreign exchange maintenance act 1999
·         Motor vehicles act 1988
·         Marine Insurance act 1963
·         Married women’s property act 1874

12. What do you mean by actuary?

·         Actuary is a technical expert who combines an understanding of the risks involved in insurance
·         He also understands the mathematical techniques to develop insurance products to manage these risks
·         He advises on pricing the insurance products
·         He calculates the reserves to be held for meeting the financial risks of the insurance products
·         IRDA has made it compulsory for any life insurance company to appoint an actuary
·         Without actuary insurance companies cannot carry on their life insurance business

13. What are the essentials of a valid contract?
·         Offer and acceptance
·         Intention
·         Consideration
·         Capacity of parties
·         Free consent
·         Lawful object
·         Agreement not declared valid
·         Certain
·         Legal formalities

14. What are the different kinds of contract?
·         Voidable contract
·         Void agreement
·         Void contract
·         Illegal agreement
·         Express contract
·         Implied contract
·         Executed contract
·         Executor contract
·         Unilateral contract
·         Bilateral contract

15. What are the various types of life insurance policies?

·         Term insurance
·         Whole life policy
·         Endowment
·         Health insurance
·         Joint life policy
·         With profit
·         Without profit
·         Double accident benefit
·         Annuity policy
·         Policies for women
·         Pension insurance
·         Postal life insurance
·         Rural insurance plans
·         Group life insurance
·         Insurance policies for children
·         Money back policy
·         Unit Linked Policy

16. What do you mean by term insurance?
·         Term insurance offers pure risk cover without any element of saving for a given term.
·         No benefits are available to the policyholder till his death

17. What do you mean by whole life insurance?
·         The premium is payable for the life time of the assured or for a lesser period.
·         Sum assured is payable only on the death of the assured

18. What do you mean by endowment plans?
·         This is considered to be the most popular plan of life assurance.
·         It covers the life of the assured in the event of his early death
·         It also provides for repayment of a lump sum to the assured if he survives on the date of maturity
19. What do you mean by money back policy?
·         It provides life insurance cover
·         Periodical payments are also paid to the assured
·         The policyholder need not wait to get the returns till the date of maturity

20. What do you mean by children’s assurance plan?
·         The life of a child can be covered from the age of 7.
·         Once the child becomes a major he can continue the policy

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