Monday, September 8, 2014

Born to win

Sitting on my chair, I was highly immersed in formulating the various strategies for the day to day activities. The responsibilities entrusted to the Director of one Rural Self Employment Training Institute differ from that of other educational institutions or administrative offices.
As a director, while I was just thinking of recruiting suitable trainees for the forthcoming training programs in regard to “Mushroom cultivation” and many other programs I heard somebody knocking the door of my cabin.
Without taking my eyes from the working sheets on my desk I told, “Yes -  come in”.
“Sir, I am Edward”.
Immediately on seeing the news brief released in various Tamil dailies by the Institute, for recruitment of trainees for the training program on – “Mobile phones servicing and repairing”, I started receiving a large number of representations in person, by post and over phone from aspiring trainees.
Amidst the crowd, Edward a medium built personality around 35 years’ old peeped himself inside my cabin and started listening to my conditions.
“Sir, I am Edward and I require training on mobile servicing and repairing”.
“We offer various training courses for the educated unemployed and financially deprived persons including housewives towards upgradation of their skills in specified areas and we motivate them and infuse confidence in them towards becoming an entrepreneur. I require people who had completed tenth standard and above to be recruited as trainees for this training program. I admit persons who had completed tenth standard and above only. Do you have the requisite qualifications?”
Once my introductory speech was over, he started telling.
“Yes sir”.
“In case you had not completed your tenth standard, I regret that I could not continue further in this connection”.
Suddenly, I could sense his face becoming pale.
He started telling, “I had completed my tenth standard seventeen years back. I am Engineering graduate with triple “Es”.”
“Friend, in such a case, I hope you can better get employed as an engineer in any government department or a private organization. Normally persons with higher qualifications do not pay much attention in the training program and I do not require trainees having lesser interest”
He could not take back his eyes from me. He started becoming nervous for some time and I could find that he was afraid of not getting an admission for the training program. He wanted to reply immediately; however,  appeared struggling for words and  I thought that he might cry at any time.
However, he started telling, “Sir, I am the only boy in my family and I have three sisters. My father is a farmer earning very meager income. I could complete my engineering degree after a long financial struggle. My family members struggled for my studies because I was the only child in my family who paid much attention to the studies. They imagined that I could earn at least Rs. 15000 on completion of my graduation. But in reality I was not so. I could have walked into more than 200 organizations throughout the state. When I fould that I could not get a job as an Engineer even after five years of my completion of engineering graduation, I offered to work myself for a meager salary of Rs. 2000 per month in a company as a sales representative for selling their products. That too not lasted for more than six months. Since the company could not continue their business, I was compelled to go for the job hunt again. I had almost forgetten that I am engineering graduate. All my attention was towards getting a job – whatever it may be in order to take care of my old parents and to get my sisters married soon. I hope that I can start a mobile servicing unit once you permit me to attend the training course offered by you since I find that your way of conducting the training programs are reported to be good and I could also find that the training is offered free of cost”.
Without any hesitation, I admitted him to the program and he was one among the bright trainees who took keen interest in learning the entire skills of servicing mobile phones.
I recollected all my memories of the past and wearing a bright smile on my face, I asked him.
“How are you and what can I do for you, Edward?”
“Sir, with the help of your Rural Self Employment Training Institute by offering me a training on “Servicing of mobile phones.” I found that I had grown to a great extent both mentally and emotionally. With your guidance I had started a mobile servicing unit in my area a month back and on an average I am earning an amount of Rs. 600 a day. I could also remember, as to how, I had struggled for Rs. 2000 per month five years back. I am really thankful to you and your Institute for having promoted me as an entrepreneur and I have great hopes that sooner or later I will be one among the top entrepreneurs in the area”.
He gave me a leaflet which outlined the services offered by his servicing unit and he also invited me to pay a visit to his shop.
I saw him move out of my cabin briskly and confidently. I could recollect the words uttered by Paul Solomon:
“I believe you come into the world to accomplish something and not something small or insignificant. That is not worthy of you. You came here to make a major contribution to life in this planet”.

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