Sunday, May 26, 2013

How you are different from others?

During the course of one soft skill training program, the trainer told thirty  trainees who were in the class room  to take a sheet of paper and note down the details about three important personalities they like most in their life.

One trainee furnished the details about an actor, a politician and a cricket player. He also provided the details about their tastes, hobbies, interests and many more.

Another trainee furnished elaborate details about a businessman, a saint and a poet

The third trainee furnished the details about an actress, a thief and a real estate owner.

On seeing the details provided by twenty nine trainees the trainer was much disappointed and he found one trainee providing details about the person he most liked – the trainee himself. He has mentioned about his strengths, weaknesses and his aim in his life and many more.

In real life situations, many people are thinking about others who had achieved success and they are least bothered about the inherent qualities within themselves. They always think that they are useless and they have many complaints about what they do not have.

In fact successful people are normal human beings with extraordinary brain to think about themselves, their achievements, their struggles and they understand the ways and means by which they can lead their lives in a constructive manner at any point of time.

Unless a person tries to know himself well, he rarely achieves any success in his life. 

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