Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What is health?

When it comes to health different people have different opinions. One person wants to have a good health by eating more food; another is of the opinion that sleeping for more number of hours will enable him to have a healthy life.
In fact for maintenance of good health food as well as sleep is required; however, there are some limitations. The human body is like a machine and the machine functions automatically without the intervention of the individual. Nobody can direct or instruct any internal organs to do the job at his will and in fact they function according to the mechanism in force within the body. Health means having a better tuning or rhythm within the body. Each human body requires sufficient quantity of food rich in the requisite ingredients; sufficient hours of sleep and enough physical and mental work. Ill health is due to any imbalance among the three factors mentioned as above.
Health means enjoying in good terms with the family members, relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors and society; being able to run for a bus or train without getting out of breath; having the ideal weight necessary to perform the day to day activities; evincing interest in participation in some kinds of sporting events; having a clear skin, better vision and shiny hair; never suffering from any diseases other than common cold or mild upset in the stomach; being able to adapt easily to the changes in life; feeling glad to be alive when the person wakes up early in the morning; eating the right kind of food; enjoying some form of relaxation like music, games, movies etc; never falling prey to ill habits like smoking or drinking; drinking pure water sufficient to keep the body cool and refreshing and living the life without much strain or stress.

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