Sunday, January 11, 2009


It was during the discussion God had with man. The choice for the man - either the hell or heaven. Since man was having doubts about both hell and heaven God invited him to a place where the guests were about to have their lunch. There was a long table and on either side of the table were about 100 guests .Each person was having a three foot long spoon tied to his right hand and another three foot long fork tied to his left hand. They were not able to taste their food because they could not feed the food themselves since the instruments in their hands were too long. Out of frustration there was loud noise, cry and shouting and the guests started lifting the food and throwing the food here and there.

God said - "They are in hell"

Again God invited the man to another hall and the place was similar to the earlier one. A long table and on either side there were about 100 guests. The man could hear voices of rejoice, happiness, love and enjoyment.

He noticed - These guests were also having their hands tied to a three foot long spoon and a three foot long fork. Still, knowing their inability to feed themselves with the instruments in their hands, the guests started feeding the persons standing in the opposite row with the instruments tied to his hands.He found happiness feeding the other one.

God now said - "They are in heaven"

Moral of the story:

There may be occasions wherein we may not be able to help ourselves, however, still an opportunity may be in the offing whereby we can help others. Whether we help ourselves or help others. It is a help indeed.

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