Saturday, November 1, 2008


Once a Hare and a Tortoise participated in a running race. As the story goes, the Hare, which reached the mid-point in a flash, decided to take a few minutes rest and dosed off. Alas, when it woke up, the slow and steady Tortoise had reached the goal post to become the winner. The Hare, which had a competitive spirit, could not take this insult of being beaten by a slow creature and decided that it has to redeem its honour. It challenged the Tortoise to another race. The Tortoise agreed but only if it would be able to choose the racing track. Alas, the Hare which agreed had to lose again as the track chosen by the clever Tortoise had a small river in between. Naturally, the Hare got stranded at that point and the Tortoise swam on to win.
Strangely, all this competitions had also created a brotherly bond between the two creatures. They sat down together and put a strategy in place to see whether they both can benefit. Ultimately, the Tortoise hoisted itself on the Hare and reached till the edge of the river in record time. The Hare changed places there and enjoyed to ride on the river sitting on Tortoise’s back. Their joy at discovering this team spirit was a big reward to both of them.
MANAGEMENT MORAL: Team spirit can create a Win-Win situation to all the parties. The other insight is that we should never agree to anything, without finding the tasks and the risks ahead.

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